Generic Names: Modafinil

Brand Names: Provigil

Strengths: 200mg, 100mg

where to buy Provigil ?

Provigil is the medication used in the treatment of ADHD in children and narcolepsy. It is also used in treating wakefulness and cure shift work sleeping disorder and obstructive sleep apnea. This Provigil medication is available in both brand and generic forms in the pharmacies. The generic version of this drug is called Provigil. It is comes under the schedule IV controlled substance because of its high addiction potential. Apart from its addictive potential, this medication is widely recommended by the doctor in the treatment of sleeping disorder. Kindly do not take this drug if you have allergy reactions to the medication.

Dosage information for Provigil

Provigil dosages vary from person to person depending on their requirement. The dosage will be given at the minimal in the starting and could be increased slowly if only needed. Sometimes, the drug usage will be neglected if the person starts to experience any side effects to the Provigil medication. The usual available dosage is from 100mg and 200mg. The inactive ingredients in the Provigil medication such as Croscarmellose Sodium, Lactose Monohydrate, Pregelatinized Starch etc. This medication is available in the form of capsules and tablets in the online pharmacies that provides Provigil sale. Avoid taking this medication if you found having skin diseases such as rashes or hives, blistering, trouble in breathing, swelling of your face and yellowing eyes or skin.

Benefits of Provigil

  1. this drug is used in the treatment of wakefulness
  2. It helps to reduce fatigue
  3. Provigil reduces the idea for gambling and it control addictions.
  4. It improves ADHD symptoms, accuracy and processing speed.
  5. It raises the motivation and enhances the memory power of an individual.
  6. This decreases the cognitive symptoms of multiple sclerosis and increases athletic performance and reaction time.
  7. It also helps in reducing anger and anxiety
  8. It enhances the emotional processing on a individual.

Side effects caused by Provigil

Provigil is an effective sleeping disorder aid. But, overdose or missed dose of this medication could cause some adverse effects on the patients. Some of the side effects caused by this drug has been listed in the following, and are recommended to check with the doctor immediately.

1.Pain in the Chest


3.Shortness of breathe

4.A sore throat

5.Blurred vision or other change in vision

6.Trembling of nerves

Symptoms of Provigil overdose

1.getting over excitement pounding of a heart beat

3.Increased blood pressure in an individual

4.Sleeping trouble at night

Precautions to be followed while taking Provigil

1.It requires consultation of the doctor before consuming this medication. It is because some might have allergic to this drug or to any other drugs before. Usually, this drug is comprised of some inactive ingredients that might cause some severe effects on your health.

2.Immediate consultation is needed if you have experience shortness of breathing, confusion or any other mental or depression kinds of problems. Do not procure if you have the history of drug abuse.

3.Provigil is not approved for children and as it comes under the U.S. Schedule IV controlled substance.

4.Avoid taking alcohol while you are in Provigil treatment. It is unknown about the reaction of this drug with alcohol. Check up with doctor regularly and do not get this prescription over the counter.