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Modafinil is a medicine that helps in the promoting wakefulness in people who are struggling to stay awake during the day. It is classified as a prescription pill and is also more efficient in treating the conditions it claims to treat. Hence the price of this drug is quite high in retail stores. But the price variation also depends on various factors and all the factors associated with the cost of modafinil will be discussed in this article.

 Cost of modafinil based on brand and generic

Price Comparison between Generic and Brand
Price Comparison between Generic and Brand

The first factor would be the company which manufactures the pill. The price varies greatly from company to company, especially between trade mark brand and generic brand. Trademark modafinil brand which is provigil is priced at a substantially high price because of the money they had to invest in research and development of the pill. The generic modafinil price is much lower because generic companies only had to mimic the original formulation and create the pill. For many years trademark brand was the only company who had the patented right to manufacture the pill. But after the expiration of the patent many companies started manufacturing drug with their own formulations. For example, 30 tablets of 100 mg modafinil cost somewhere around $900 whereas 100 mg generic drug for 30 tablets on an average costs $200. This is huge price variation between the brand and generic versions. Perhaps this is the reason why most people prefer generic drug instead of the brand one.

Cost of modafinil based on dosage

The medicine cost also depends on the dosage strength in which one wishes to purchase the pill. When it comes to modafinil brand, higher dosage, which is 200 mg is usually priced higher and the lower dosage of 100 mg is can be obtained for a low price. 100 mg drug brand costs $900 on an average while 200 mg modafinil brand costs $1300 on an average.
But if you consider generic drug, the price variation is not much for 100 mg and 200 mg tablets. Most generic companies do not vary much, but some companies still have the variation. The price of 100 mg generic pill is $200 whereas the price of 200 mg modafinil is also $200 to 250. So, while opting for generic pills, in terms of saving some bucks, it would be a best idea to get 200 mg pills and split it in to 2, if you are prescribed with 100 mg. This of course, should only be done with the advice of a medical professional because the pharmaceutical recommendation is not to spilt the pills and consume it as a whole.

Cost of modafinil based on the quantity

In some places, depending on which outlet you choose to purchase from, the cost of  drug is also reduced when the purchase is made in bulk. For instance, you can get more discounts if your order 90 pills instead of a standard 30 pills. So one can combine all these strategies to get gain huge cost savings while buying drugs.