I work with both adults and children with ADHD, ASD and related learning disabilities or learning differences, providing a variety of services. I  also work together with other professionals on your team in order to help you.

I have advanced training and experience in children’s and adult mental health. I have training in advanced cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a proven treatment for ADHD.  As a social worker, I  help you understand what it means to have ADHD, be on the ASD spectrum, or have learning differences. I help you accept its impact, and put strategies in place to maximize what life has to offer.

I am also in training with the ADD Coach Academy, working toward ICF accreditation in ADHD  coaching.

I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work from York University, and an undergraduate degree in Social Work from Ryerson University, both in Toronto, Canada. My professional experience includes working in children’s mental health centres, and community health centres – providing treatment to individuals, families and groups. Also, I provide clinical services to clients of Homewood Human Solutions both face to face and telephonically. (If Homewood HS is your EAP, please book through the main call centre to arrange sessions with me.)

I am an associate of a clinical psychologist, meaning that in Ontario, my fees are usually covered by a third party insurer such as your employee benefit plan. Or, they can also be included as medical expenses for income tax purposes.

Contact me today to get started. Be the best you can be!