Single Session Meeting: If you want a broad overview of ADHD, I can get your started exploring what is known about best available treatments and practices, and how to begin looking for help. Single sessions can also be used to prepare for meetings with school officials or workplace supervisors.

adhd coachShort-term Counselling: Have support after you get a diagnosis. Although ADHD is not a illness, we experience similar reactions to learning we are sick – we may feel shock, disbelief, anger, grief, and finally acceptance. ADHD is a disorder that plays out over a lifetime – give yourself the benefit of help.

Parent EducationParent Education: Taking care of a child with ADHD means you are one of the hardest-working parents around! Find out what works, and how to apply specific skills with children and adolescents to improve motivation, behavior and learning outcomes.

case managementCase Management: Best practice for ADHD is what’s called a multi-modal approach. This means that a number of professionals wearing different “hats” will be needed to help support you or your child. I can help build this team for you, and help keep all the players connected.

ADHD Resources: For those needing specific information on the disorder, but lack the time to conduct their own search. I can provide research on ADHD symptoms, assessment, and treatment for adhd in adults and adhd in children.

Contact me today for a free phone consultation. Because I am an associate of a clinical psychologist, my fees are usually covered by third party insurers such as your employee benefit plan. Otherwise, you may claim them as medical expenses for tax purposes.