Children and youth with ADHD often have additional issues such as learning disabilities. It can be extremely helpful to support these students’ academics with adhd resources that help develop the brain. These are activities, often computer-based, that can be done at home to “prep” the brain for homework or other attention-related tasks, or presented simply as fun exercises. More and more promising research is being published on the impact of brain training for ADHD.

One excellent program that I recommend is Dyslexia Games, a therapy that helps to reprogram the brain.  The strategy of Dyslexia Games is to train the strongest areas of the child’s mind to “take over the business” of reading, spelling and writing.

For most people with Dyslexia this means teaching the powerful right side of the brain to process written language successfully.  Most people use the left-brain to process language- therefore normal reading programs cater to the majority. The right and left sides of the brain work in different ways.  Dyslexics have very powerful right brains; we need to activate this part of the brain for reading and writing success. The left side of a Dyslexic persons brain is not wired to process language correctly, and it is failing to do the job well.  The goal is to use creative games and puzzles to tap into the visual right-side of the brain and open up new pathways for learning.  Dyslexia Games presents reading in a context that Dyslexic children enjoy without frustration or confusion.

Dyslexia Games for ADHD Students

Dyslexia Games helps address reading, writing and spelling through creative art and puzzle therapy. It is mind training exercises for children and youth with symptoms of dyslexia. To learn more about this product, and to order, please visit:

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