Modafinil marketed under the brand name, Provigil induces wakefulness in human. It is used to treat the excessive sleepiness due to work shift disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, and narcolepsy problems.

Modafinil uses

  1. For treating Narcolepsy

The lack of the brain chemical substance called hypocretin causes narcolepsy in human. The orexin or hypocretin chemicals are generally involved in regulating sleep in human. Modafinil reacts by inducing the chemicals and produces wakefulness in them.

  1. For Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome

It is due to overweight or obesity found in the soft tissues of the throat or mouth. The blockage of the airway during sleep due to the relaxation of this muscles are the common causes. Modafinil potentially reacts with this sleeping disorder by regulating the tissue fats.

  1. To treat Sleep work disorder

Due to overlap in work, patients face sleep work disorder. Insomnia and excessive sleepiness are the common causes. Modafinil will help them in staying awake.

Modafinil Contraindications

If any skin rashes found don’t take this medication. Inform doctor prior to taking Modafinil.

People with cirrhosis and cardiovascular problems should have a word with their physician before using Modafinil. Hypersensitivity and allergic reactions are some common contraindications to Modafinil. So, if any such exist contact the doctor immediately.

Legal status of Modafinil

The legal status differs in different countries. The FDA of US considering its properties categories it under Schedule IV drug. Hence, this drug can be purchased only by providing a valid medical prescription. The medication should be taken under strong medical advice.

Modafinil adverse effects

A headache and nausea are the common side effects of this drug. Dizziness, mental depression, sore throat, blurred vision, chest pain, fever are some common side effects. If any of these symptoms exists while taking Modafinil reach the doctor immediately.

Heartburn, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea are on the secondary levels of occurrence. Addiction and dependence potential and psychiatric reactions are the other common side effects.

Modafinil Dosage

You can take this medication orally with or without food.

It is available in 100mg and 200mg strength. Usually, the adults are recommended for 200mg dosage strength. It is the oral drug. The dosage varies depending on the problem. The Shift disorder patients should take this 1 hour prior to their work.

For patients with sleep, Apnea is recommended to take this once in the morning.

The narcolepsy patients are also recommended to take this medication once a day in the morning.

Missed dosage : If you forget to have Modafinil. Avoid taking this medication irregularly it will result in prolonged wakefulness issues. Hence it is not advisable to take missed doses or extra dose for compensating it.

Overdoses: overdosage will also result in serious health issues. You will feel sleepiness for a long duration of time.

Contradictions to Modafinil

This medication, when used with other drugs, can cause severe or moderate side effects. Such contractions should be known before taking this medication. Both medication and disease contradiction exists. Some of the commonly found are,

Opioids should not be taken along with this medication.

Common interaction of medications is Citalopram, Hydrocodone, Aspirin, Azdone, Celexa, Costello, Emblaze, ETH- Oxydose, Execof, Fentanyl, Histex.

Disease interaction of this medication are as follows

Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, liver disease, seizure disorders, psychiatric disorders, renal dysfunctions, cardiac diseases.

Modafinil is contradicted during pregnancy. It is stated as having potential risk involved while taking this drug during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding women’s should not take Modafinil drug. It is seen that it will excrete into the milk of the women. It will significantly affect the infant.