Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Treatment in Toronto

If you or your child thinks that ADHD may be challenging you, it might be time to find out!

As a clinical social worker, I provide professional services related to ADHD in adults and ADHD in children.

Many people struggle for years not understanding why they have trouble staying focussed, being organized, or just sitting still!

Find out what lies underneath these ADHD symptoms.

Learning to put strategies in place to compensate for your challenges.

Let me help you get a medical diagnosis, identify and understand symptoms. Let’s work together to address behavioral challenges, and explore other strategies.

ADHD treatment choices include behavioral therapy, medication, parent training, coaching, exercize and other alternatves.

Learn how to play to your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and master organization at work or school.

I offer personal counselling with individuals and families. This includes single session consultations, short-term counselling, as well as case management (service coordination), information and referral to local area services.

I am supervised by a registered psychologist, and my services are usually covered by a third party insurer such as your employment assistance plan.

Two convenient locations:  The Beaches, or Yorkville (Monday am only).

I look forward to helping you!

Mary Lynn Trotter

ADHD Counselling

ADHD is a disorder that plays out over a lifetime – give yourself the benefit of help. I can get your started exploring what is known about best available treatments and practices. Learn More»

Parent Education

Taking care of a child with ADHD means you are one of the hardest-working parents around! Find out what works, and how to apply specific skills. Learn More»

Case Management

Best practice for ADHD is what’s called a multi-modal approach.I can help build a team of professionals for you, and help keep all the players connected. Learn More»
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